(Read This ONLY If You Want To play the game of life TO WIN)


Breakthrough in just 21-Days

with Drs. Joy & Roy Martina

Attract abundance, get clarity & start living your dream life

We all have an unconscious background money story. And we can rewrite it!

 This Is Your Best Opportunity To Quickly Transform Your Mindset & Attitude Towards Money And Start Living In Abundance!

JUST Imagine...

  • Waking up every morning in gratitude & passionately living your purpose and knowing the universe is fully supporting your desires..
  • Your Mind expands as you discover hidden sources of creative energy in you and how to use them to experience anything your heart desires.
  • Embodying vibrant health and creating a life free of pain or dis-ease.
  • ​Experiencing deeper and more fulfilling relationships.
  • ​Embodying a more confident and self-loving version of you… you are filled with inspiration, joy and excitement, manifesting your heart’s desires and living harmoniously in flow with all that life brings your way.
  • ​Living your life in ease and flow for total fulfilment freedom and Prosperity.

All of this and more is possible for you with the proven practices and principles of The Integration Money Codes© Training. No matter what your earning potential is now, you can increase it by resolving the unconscious conflicts of the role models you had in the past.

Drs. Joy & Roy Martina want you to have anything your heart desires.


  • Positive Harmonic Frequencies will be send out with a Healy device to you and the group creating a Positive Frequencies bubble in which shifting your mindset is easier than ever before!
  • Balancing the Chakras (the gateways to the Quantum Field of infinite possibilities) which enables the process of of manifesting much faster.
  • ​Setting CRYSTAL CLEAR INTENTIONS which will be bundled with the energy of the group and the Healy frequencies (a Quantum Frequency Device) to focus specifically on WHAT YOU WANT TO MANIFEST.
  • LISTENING AT NIGHT TO THE DREAM INCEPTION audio files, will train & prepare your subconscious mind for the future you desire to create and attract!
  • Doing the 5-Element sabotage clearing technique (a fast-acting technique developed in the Practice of Dr. Roy Martina) for 21 days will create a major shift in your thinking, money mindset and awareness. After 21 days you have mastered this technique completely and can do it blindfolded!
  • Om-nah Breathing technique will clear karmic residues from your past experiences!

There has never been anything on this planet that comes close to what you will experience in this Quantum Integration Money Codes© Challenge!


The Quantum Integration
Money Codes

In this online challenge, Drs. Joy & Roy skill-fully teach you how to transform your life using a unique blend of quantum science, subliminal metaphorical coded dream inceptions during your sleep, Advanced Quantum Timeline Jumping meditations, ancient breathing sabotage clearing principles, self-hypnosis and self-empowerment practices.

Our Rapid Change Process is Simple, Fast and Effective...

Conscious and Subconscious Alignment

As a Quantum Money Integration Codes® participant, you'll enjoy...

  • 21 Daily 30-minutes meetings with Drs Roy Martina (you can do at any time).
  • Daily scan with the 'Healy Resonance APP' of the group’s collective of the Chakras and immediate correction with the balancing frequencies and intention setting. The group will create a group collective bee-hive mind (More about the 'Healy Resonance APP later on this page and you do NOT need to have a Healy device to join the challenge.)
  • Daily setting of intentions with the Christallin Command (a technique that will switch your brain to a deep Theta brainwave-state to access the Quantum Field)
  • Daily tapping of 1 Money Code Block with the Emotional Balance Acupressure 5 Element Techniques. (Much more powerful than EFT)
  • ​Daily short Quantum Timeline Jump to your desired outcome with metaphorical visualization techniques of your deepest desires.
  • ​A full Sleep Dream Inception Brain-training to build your new Holographic Money Attracting Identity (Your Quantum Identity). It is suggested to continue with this after this training to keep fortifying your Abundance Attraction Frequencies..
  • ​Video Bonus material to understand how to keep attracting your desired outcomes with the Quantum Laws and the interdimensional time portals.
  • ​Every week Dr. Joy Martina will channel to the group a message of Christallin, to better understand our mission on earth and why things are happening at accelerated speed now. This is an added bonus.

The truth is you don’t have to be ‘special’ or ‘gifted’ or smarter than the average person to reap the rewards the Money Codes© Training has to offer. This training is based on Universal Laws that have no preference or favourites. It’s there for EVERYONE to use. It doesn’t run out, it doesn’t pick and choose, it simply is. Even criminals and people with bad intentions are living within the range of these laws, just like gravity makes no exceptions on race, colour or religion.


Everyday Dr. Roy Martina will 'scan' the Collective Mind of the Group

Unique about the Healy is that it can calculate exactly what the best frequencies are to shift the mindset of a whole group, when combined with the 5-Element technique, everyone shifts to a higher level! 

Everyday Dr. Roy Martina will scan the Collective Mind of the Group, determine what frequencies are the best and will send these frequencies for 12 hours to the whole group every day! 

Everyone will be bombarded with positive harmonic love frequencies! The power of numbers is that the more people participate the bigger effect will be, not only on the participants but on everyone in the circle of the participant.

You do NOT need to have a Healy device to join the challenge, Dr. Roy Martina is using his.

👇 Shed a light on any limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions 👇

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to break through your unconscious
Money sabotage mechanisms.

Daily we will work on Sabotage Breakthroughs and Alignment with your most Powerful version of your potential with the 5-Elements.

During the 21-day course, you will learn how to remove subconscious interference in your personal energy fields to move the flow of your life toward manifesting your most profound goals and visions. 

Learn to see the symbolism in your history, your family paradigm and experience alternative ways of viewing your “story and create a new Money DNA.” Discover what Quantum Implementation is and how to use it every day to dissolve conflict, stress and the need to ‘control’ life. 

Dr. Roy Martina also helps to shed light on any limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions that have unconsciously jaded your experience of full potential and creativity.

Also, you will receive precise instructions on how to continue after the 21-Days to ensure your unconscious mind becomes competent in manifestation attraction on auto pilot!

Once you've seen the proof with your own results, the sky is no longer the limit!

Together we can change the world.

❤️ Access to our
private Community

The Integration of Quantum Money Codes © Community
is more than just a group of strangers...it's a family.

As part of the IQM-Codes (IQM is IQ-Money I) online course you’ll be joining our private IQM Codes Online community – a dynamic online support community where you can go 24/7 to celebrate your wins, ask your questions, support each other, offer ideas and inspiration. 

Here's just a taste of what you're
going to get...but with a warning: 

This is Not for Everyone

  • ​Awaken your original pure potential in your subconscious mind and attract unlimited success, that's been so elusive for you in the past.
  • Completely eradicate your propensity of failure and rocket yourself into a new way of living and feel deserving of your heart’s desires.
  • ​Enjoy the rewards of becoming part of a new breed of human creators, by unlocking the potential trapped in your subconscious mind.
  • ​Finally accomplish everything you ever set out to do and feel the exhilaration of lasting success.
  • ​Integrate your consciousness for greater clarity in life.
  • ​Strengthen your ability to stay aligned under stress.
  • ​Experience a true sense of peace while cultivating the Authentic Self.
  • ​Create Your new Money DNA.
  • Money Flow: Expand your heart-space for more current of manifestation (currency).
  • Expand your mind into the concept of Multiple Streams of Income.
  • ​Find your compelling Quantum Why.
  • ​Code your subconscious mind for Magic Money Multiplication.
  • ​Vibrate with the secret code of Money Overflow Resonance Energy (M.O.R.E).
  • ​Establish a permanent portal to the Future of Abundance & Happiness.
  • Quantum Teleportation technique to the timeline of your dream.
  • ​Change your Time-Space Continuum Coordinates to prosperity.
  • The Roykov method to download the limitless resources of your Future Self.
  • ​Start your day with a 10-minute Om Na Karma Release and feel the difference all day!
  • ​Receive our most powerful Dream Inception Codes for Consistent Manifestation Power.

This is not for everyone. It’s not old, dusted off knowledge from yesteryear. It IS everything we now know about this once mysterious power put together in an easy to understand course.

Quantum Integration Money Codes© Challenge  is not for those who just want to say they are changing their lives, but do nothing different. It’s not for those who want to close their eyes, snap their fingers and have their lives change in an instant.

This program is for everyone else. 

This is for those of you who are tired of feeling tired and are ready for a better life.

You get the idea, this challenge WORKS!

Now that you have the facts, it’s time to decide 


The challenge will start in...


In ‘The Integration Quantum Money Codes© Training’, Drs. Joy & Roy lead you through a process to direct the mind inward to freedom of your False Self to your True Self every day. 

You will learn how to release with Om-Nah Breathing your identity from high performance, guarded, or protective patterns in order to get what you want in life. 

Drs. Roy & Joy guide you into the central core of your being – your essential self – allowing greater flow, ease, and abundance to happen automatically. Experience absolute presence by enhancing awareness at the core of your being.

If you are tired of struggling and want to break free and be happy, healthy and abundant in every area of your life STARTING NOW - then this is your time, so start now.

Why It’s Just €79,-

Normal price: €499,- (You save €421,-) | Excl. 21% VAT

This is Roy's very best work on the principles and processes of manifestation. The ideas, examples and exercises you’ll hear on these sessions are the same ones he uses daily in his practice with his clients.

The only difference is, you won’t have to get on the phone or zoom call and worry about scheduling. Not to mention, you won't be asked to pay his hourly rate of €1500,-

And when you consider there are over 10 hours of session content, that’s a very real value of €15,000.

And instead of the €15,000 it would cost you for one-on-one coaching sessions, you can have them for ....

Total Program Value €1,105
ONLY €79,-
Normal price: €499,- (You save €421,-) | Excl. 21% VAT
  • The 21-Day Integration Quantum Money Codes © Online Training
    with Drs. Joy & Roy Martina 
  • including twenty-one 30-Minutes 
    Daily video’s & Quantum code embedded information
  • Active and Supportive Online Community
  • Bonus #1 – I Love MONEY Frequency Manifestation Meditation - Audio Digital Download
  • Bonus #2 – AM-PM meditation training
  • Bonus #3 - Om-Nah Karma Burning Release Training
  • Bonus #4 –Quantum Intention Training

start here with step 1#

Starting on Monday August 23, 2021 

This is your personal tipping point and you
CAN have that different life IF you act now. 👇

Roy will conduct this challenge in two different languages: English AND Dutch. So every day there will be a session in ENGLISH and then the same session in DUTCH.

My Unconditional Guarantee

This is NOT about theory - this is about measurable results...

We’re confident that The Om-Nah Karma Burning. Release Technique alone will have a holistic effect on your health, happiness, and fulfilment and we are offering the following guarantee

By the end of the 21-days (where you have fully participated in this challenge) if you don't think the concepts and tools provided will help transform your MINDSET and well-being, simply let us know by emailing support@quantummultiverse.world before the last day and we’ll give you a free Bonus (Surprise) valued more than this challenge and you can keep any gifts and bonuses you’ve already received. 

Oops, Almost Forgot to 
Mention the Extra Bonuses...

When you decide to change your life with the 21-Day Quantum Money Codes challenge today, Roy will give you 4 of his courses absolutely free.

🎁 Bonus #1 Quantum Intention Training

Quantum Intention Training: The Quantum approach of spirituality (video & audios)
As long as we see Science and Spirituality as two different fields of study, we will never have a complete picture of who we truly are, including our natural ability to heal our lives on every level. 

In this informative video, Dr. Roy sheds light on his revelations and breakthroughs based on the latest discoveries in Quantum science and how they relate to the deep spiritual traditions of thousands of years. When a bridge is built between the two, we are finally able to move forward on our journey of returning to wholeness as we realize the truth of our being as the Essential, Soulful Quantum Self.

🎁 Bonus #2 – I Love Money Frequency Meditation

This will expand your heart to receive a greater monetary exchange

🎁 Bonus #3 AM-PM meditation training

One of our most powerful and popular courses is to train your mind to expand beyond your limitations and become more self-aware.

🎁 Bonus #4 – Om Nah Breathing Karma Release Video & Audio

This is Karma Burning & Release Breathing Technique to release all negativities in your life regarding Abundance! You will also get the audio versions to release limiting beliefs and traumas.

Your Life will change for Good!

In ‘The Integration Quantum Money Codes© Training’, Drs. Joy & Roy lead you through a process to direct the mind inward to freedom of your False Self to your True Self every day. You will learn how to release with Om-Nah Breathing your identity from high performance, guarded, or protective patterns in order to get what you want in life. 

Drs. Roy & Joy guide you into the central core of your being – your essential self – allowing greater flow, ease, and abundance to happen automatically. Experience absolute presence by enhancing awareness at the core of your being.

Let’s create a new conversation around money, success and abundance!

About Dr. Joy Martina
Dr. Joy Martina, Psychic Psychologist and a Channeler of Christallin Consciousness specializes in High-Level Intuitive Intelligence Training for entrepreneurs, business owners and celebrities. She is a Bestselling Author, the Creator of the Christallin Oracle Training (a training to develop mastery over our innate psychic abilities), a Master Hypnotist and Trainer of Trainers.

Her new book, “How to Use Your Intuition to Change Your Life” gives everyone that education and insight the was formally given only to masters. Dr. Joy believes that everyone can develop their psychic skills and fundamentally alter their experience of life.

She is passionate about helping people strengthen their intuition, access their internal intelligence and use more of their potential to create the life of their dreams. She adores guiding people out of their stuck states and inspiring them to enjoy life.  
About Drs. Roy Martina?
Dr. Roy Martina is a renowned European holistic medical doctor, a prolific bestselling author (85 books), Business & Life Coach and Trainer/Speaker. One of his biggest international best-selling books is Emotional Balance (Hay-House).

He has worked and taught workshops with Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Eric Pearl, Masaro Emoto and many others. He has developed many new holistic therapies such as Omega Healing and Remote Chi (Distance Healing). He has developed over a 1000 natural remedies sold in the USA, China and Europe.

He has been a Holistic Doctor for 40 years and has taught over 250,000 therapists, doctors, managers and laypersons his techniques; millions of his 84 books have been sold. Keynote Speaker: He is a world-renowned keynote speaker at conferences and seminars worldwide, and lectures throughout Europe, South and North America, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan, China and the Caribbean.
Drs. Roy Martina, Holistic doctor, Quantum Mysticus
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